Who We Are

Mission Kleensweep Products, Inc. founded in 1936 in Los Angeles continues to be the leading sweeping compound manufacturer on the West Coast.

We are committed to offering the finest quality sweeping compounds. Our superior product performance and quality is due to the freshness of our raw materials. We are dedicated to incorporating the latest technological advances in our products.

We attribute our long-term success and industry reputation to our superior products and excellent customer service. Our exclusive manufacturing process results in reliable performance and consistent product quality.

We service many different markets such as warehousing and construction. Our sweeping compounds are available in sacks, boxes or drums for your convenience. Our customers may elect to pick up their orders, or arrange shipping by 3rd party carrier. Orders may be delivered to our local customers under certain terms and conditions. We also pride ourselves on timely delivery.

The performance and appearance of our products are in accordance with our 78 year tradition of high quality manufacturing standards. We support our customers nationwide by providing superior products and superior customer service.

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